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The March Issue

The JCM Team is glad to present you the March issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine. This month's edition features: An overview about the brand new Workflow feature introduced in Joomla 4 by Patrick Jackson. A new article of the series "Explore the Core", dedicated to the Menu and its management system in Joomla by Christiane Maier-Stadtherr. Anj
Hey JUGCNers,We aren't meeting this month, however we are feverishly working on upcoming sessions!  The next session will be on April 14th with guest presenter, Chicagoan Dave Crabill. The details are coming together and will be sent out shortly. Despite our not meeting this month, the week of March 15th is a popular w
Hey Joomlers! It has been quite awhile since we've explored Community Builder from Joomlapolis, "THE Social Community Solution for Joomla!"  We are looking for someone to share with the group the features, use cases and other helpful points to help some to get up and running.  Tips and tricks, along with best practices would be appreciate
Hey JUGCNers!I hope that this year, the new year has started out well for you.  Things are revving up on JUGCN and you can help set the direction for the year. Joomla core, extensions, SEO, marketing, agency help, etc.Let me know!  Request a Topic Save the Date April 23rd and 24th Details in the works for JoomlaDay USAa virtual conference
The JCM Team is proud to publish the December Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine. Featured this month, the brand new WebAuthn passwordless login method of Joomla 4. In this issue, you will find a variety of articles coming from several teams of the project: Joomla and your consents, to know more in-depth the Joomla Identity Port
The end of 2020 is here. Looking back at JUGCN, we’ve covered some great topics, hosted fantastic guest speakers, and are looking forward to 2021.
You may have recently received an email from Joomla asking you to renew your consent to the processing of your personal data. In certain times during the year, or when new privacy laws go into effect, consent renewal emails seem to flood all of our inboxes. Why do you need to renew your consent? Why is consent so important to privacy? In this artic
The last meeting of the year has been canceled. Instead, I encourage you to attend the JoomlaShack Conference happening online (of course) on Dec 9th and 10th.  There are 2 days of talks. The first day starts at 9 AM Central European Time and the second day starts at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time.   The JoomlaShack Conference site has all th
The JCM Team is proud to publish the November Issue of the Joomla Community Magazine. Featured this month, the Joomla 3.10 Status & Release Strategy from Tobias Zulauf. Once again, Anja de Crom is the top Author of the Month with several interesting pieces. This month the Team interviewed 2 leaders: Wilco Alsemgeest and Justine Ayebal
Once again the Joomla Project is pleased to announce the availability of the Joomla 4.0 Beta 5 release, and Joomla 3.10 Alpha 3. We invite you to download, install and test the package to improve quality assurance for the forthcoming 4.0 release and to discover the new features introduced in this major release. Do you want to try Joo