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From November 17, 2020 1:00 pm until November 17, 2020 2:00 pm
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This month’s speaker
For this month’s speaker, we have the MOST EXCELLENT Adam Melcher.  If you don’t know about Adam, he’s an expert in eCommerce and Joomla.  He’s very innovative and creates things that are proven to work. He’s talked on Joomcast (one of our previous speakers) and also at the Joomlashack conference (Steve from Joomlashack was one of our previous speakers too).  If you run or manage eCommerce websites you should DEFINITELY attend.

The Workshop
This months’ workshop is by the ever-annoying Eoin Oliver and will be on “How to integrate your Joomla! Website with other platforms and services”.  He will be using Breezing Forms to integrate with other platforms such as a CRM and an Email Marketing system.  This is achieved using WebHooks and is remarkably easy to do, even for an average user.

Joomla! Chat
Less than 200 commits left for Joomla! 4 - NICE!  We’ve talked about J4 many times but it’s a big testament to all of the people who have been testing at the Pizza, Bugs and Fun days (or Bug and Fun at home days).  Well done Phil and co for organising and keeping the momentum and well done everyone who has joined him to test, write documentation and write code.

There will be a surprise announcement too.  Has Gary mined over a million pounds on bitcoin using Joomla?  Is Eoin finally announcing the name of his wig donor?  Is Phil announcing that he’s marrying a cat called Dave?  The only way to find out is to attend!!!

Our meetings are now online, this month JUGL is presented via Google Meet

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at:
- 6pm UTC
- 7pm London time (BST)
- 4am AEST
- 2pm EDT

Check your local time

Agenda for this month's Joomla User Group London meetup

The meetings are online since the start of lockdown.
Main Meeting
7:00pm - Introductions.
7:15pm - Talk: Adam Melcher - Ecommerce
8:00pm - Joomla! News
8:15pm - Workshop: How to integrate Joomla! With 3rd party tools using Webhooks

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Stay safe, see you all soon. 

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